Golf Advertising

Are you hosting a golf event that you need to promote, or are you a tournament director looking for affordable Golf Advertising? If so, then you need our services. At DGEUSA, our Tournament Golf Group division can provide you with all of the promotional products that you need to ensure that everyone knows about your event. Some examples of the products we can help you design include:

  • Golf videos or Team photos

  • Amenities for your event

  • Promotional apparel – made in the USA

  • Incentives to encourage attendance

  • Golf tournament signage

  • Booklet & Brochure design

Of course, you could find similar products elsewhere, but we offer the most affordable price around. When you allow us to plan your promotion, you will only pay 10% over cost for these items. With that amount of savings, you will be able to invest in more promotional materials to get the word out to even more people. The more people who know about your event, the more people there will be that choose to attend. If you are using the event to raise money for your business or charitable organization, having enough people in attendance is crucial to your success. And all of the promotional materials that we will provide for you are of the highest quality, so you will be proud to display them or give them out to your potential guests.

At DGEUSA, we have thirty-one years of experience promoting and planning golfing events. Not only will you receive this great discount, but you will also benefit from working with experienced planners and organizers. We believe that all golf fundraising sponsors will benefit from working with us. We will take the stress off of your shoulders, and you will be able to actually enjoy your event, rather than worrying about forgotten details. With our proven track record, you will have confidence that everything is taken care of for your event planning.

To find out more about our golf advertising department, visit us online at DGEUSA. Browse through our Tournament Golf Group page and read all of the products and services we represent. We are confident that after you see all of these offerings, you will want to work with us to plan your next golfing event. Remember, a well-planned golfing event will be remembered for years by the people who attend. With our help, you can ensure that you do not miss out on any detail when creating your event plan and then promoting it.