Golf Event Planners

If you are looking for professional Golf Event Planners to help you design your next promotional event or tournament, then you have come to the correct webpage. DGEUSA are the experts at planning and hosting all-inclusive events and tournaments, no matter what the size. We host daily and weekly events and tournaments every year. Whatever your needs are, we have a department that can assist.

If you own a business or are a division in a corporation, you need to consider using a tournament to promote your business and build rapport between your employees or coworkers. Our corporate golf event planners have been planning these tournaments for thirty-one years. We know exactly how to plan every minute of the day to allow your participants the ultimate enjoyment while on and off the course.

Did you know that most tournaments do not plan entertainment for the time when participants are not actively playing the game? This can spell disaster, because a typical round takes only five hours. When you consider that we typically sleep for eight hours that leaves eleven hours each day of the event without anything planned. Food and Beverages and entertainment can be planned into each day so that your participants will not be bored.

We also specialize in helping charitable organizations earn benefit dollars for their causes through tournaments. Our Charity Golf Event Planners are experienced in planning and promoting these events. When you work with us, we will negotiate a tremendous discount on your promotional materials. This discount allows you to get the word out to your community and your supporters about your event and stay within your budget. We will also help ensure that you haven’t forgotten any details about your tournament during the planning stage. Working with us ensures that everyone your organization benefits has a great time. 

If you are ready to take advantage of our professional Golf Event Planners, you need to start by visiting DGEUSA to read more about what we offer. Once you have explored the site, contact us so that we can help you decide which options are the best for your group. Once you have chosen the format, venue, and a few other concerns, we will go to work behind the scenes planning all of the small details. You will be able to relax knowing that your tournament is being planned by experienced professionals when you choose DGEUSA.