Golf Events

Golf Events can be a fun and exciting way to promote charities and corporations. However, if they are not planned properly, they can make the hosting organization look unprofessional. That is why we created DGEUSA more than thirty-one years ago. We realize that while golfing is a great way to promote a group, most people do not have any idea about all of the details that are needed to plan and host a memorable professional golf event. We want to fill that gap for you so that you can host a successful fundraising competition.

Perhaps you are in charge of planning corporate golf events for your company. Imagine how impressed your peers will be when you announce that the next event is going to be in the British Isles or Ireland at a competitive price with airfare provided. With our help, this scenario can be your reality. Our Double Eagle Tours division specializes in planning tours to America's and The United Kingdom's best courses. We will provide all that you need, including accommodations, meals, transportation, apparel and golf equipment, so you will have a successful trip and tour of these amazing courses. Your boss and coworkers will be impressed with your planning skills, provided you design with our help.

Are you in charge of promotion for a charitable organization? Charity Golf Events are our specialty. We truly believe that a well-planned golf tournament is a great way to earn money for causes like yours. People enjoy playing golf, and they are going to be more inclined to give money to your organization if they can enjoy a round or two as a thank you. You will be amazed at the monetary rewards you will bring in with one of our events. One of the many reasons our charitable tournaments are so successful is because we are able to offer you an amazing discount on our promotional products, such as apparel and course advertising. That means that you will be able to budget more items to give away and promote your area.

Golf Events will benefit for any company, whether it is a corporation or non-profit organization. To start planning yours, visit us at DGEUSA to find out more about our planning services. We will be with you every step of the way, helping you iron out the details so that your tournament, tour, or other golfing extravaganza works perfectly from day one.