Golf Tournament Idea

Are you looking for a golf tournament idea that will create the proper fit for your group? If so, then we can help you succeed! At DGEUSA, we have thirty-one years of professional experience designing and organizing golfing events. Whether you are looking to host one for your business endeavors, a social function or for a charitable organization, a golfing event is the perfect answer, and we are the experts you need to help ensure your success.

Perhaps you are not part of an organization, but just enjoy the game. One option we offer those wishing to enjoy the game while contributing to a worthwhile cause is our College Alumni Challenge Series.

If you are an alumnus of a Division I, II, III or NAIA College you can participate in The College Alumni Challenge or College Alumni Match Play Classic. Proceeds from these events benefit College Educational Scholarship Funds. Auctions benefit The Children's Miracle Network and The Humane Society. You will have a great time playing to benefit these charities while earning honor for your alma mater.

Another alternative option is The Team Match Play Classic Invitational "The Rankings". This event has been designed for the Private Club market. These "Member Only" programs seek the "Bragging Rights for Club Supremacy". Auctions benefit Breast Cancer Research and "Arnie's Army", Prostate Cancer Education.

If you are looking for a charity golf tournament to benefit your existing charitable foundation, Tournament Golf Group is designed to help directors of charitable organizations to design and manage golfing events. Our staff excels at these events and will organize everything from the entertainment, accommodations, apparel and F&B for your guests. Each day will involve five hours on the course and hours of entertainment. No one who attends your event will be bored when you partner with us to plan every detail.

What about businesses looking to host an event to further their commercial endeavors? This is a great idea, particularly because a well-planned golfing event will show that your company is truly “above par.” We can help you coordinate a corporate golf tournament idea that is sure to impress your coworkers and clients. Just like our charitable events, we will help you design every detail so that nothing is left to chance. All of your attendees will enjoy this event as it runs smoothly from start to finish.

As you can see, DGEUSA is the only resource you need to find the best golf tournament idea. We will coordinate with you from start to finish ensuring your event goes without a hitch. You will be less stressed knowing that we are handling all of the details for you. So check out what we offer today by visiting DGEUSA right now. We are waiting to start planning with you and your staff.